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[There's silence for a while and you hear some noises, as if someone is talking in some foreign language or something.

Then the message ends. Poor Kirby...]


[Dream 03] A Shadow Lurking in the Darkness

Note: Nothing, really. Just Kirby being scared to death. This post is also open for action to the peeps who live with Kirby AND Meta Knight!
Effects: Fear, mostly

RUN RUN RUN!Collapse )

[Kirby pretty much jumps from his bed, letting out a scream, but he soon covers his mouth and looks around. It's dark outside, but only because it's nighttime. There's no bad shadow out there or anything.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Kirby leans back on his pillow, looking up to the ceiling. He has no idea what that dream is all about, but he knows he isn't going to wake up so soon.]


[So, MK told Kirby that, if he wanted a mask, he should find his own.

But, since the pink ball doesn't know where he can find masks for sale, and that he has a whole bunch of pumpkins lying around...

VOILÁ! Kirby has now carved something about 20 masks out of those pumpkins, all of them pretty identical to MK's.

He starts a broadcast, covered in pumpkin seeds and pulp, but he looks as happy as ever.]

Ah, look! [He moved the camara from his face to the pile of orange-ish MK masks lying on the floor.] Kirby make Meta Knight mask!

Anyone want one? Kirby make too much. [He has plenty for EVERYONE, and he can carve more if you guys want to!]

[Video 08] One Adorable Thief!

[So, Meta Knight went to sleep.

And guess WHO stole his mask?

Yep, you guessed it. Kirby here.

And he's now making a public broadcast, while wearing it, sitting on that huge pumpkin he found yesterday. And he's looking as happy as ever.]

Look! Kirby now just like Meta Knight. [A chuckle.] Kirby want to see what is special about Meta Knight's mask.


But Kirby feel no different. [Maybe he's wearing it the wrong way? He moves it a little. Nope, still nothing.]

Maybe Kirby need own mask. But still fun wearing Meta Knight's! [Swaying back and forth on top of the large orange vegetable... until he loses his balance and falls out of it. And the feed cuts with a brief 'kyah!' from the pink blob.]

(( ooc: Now it's the time for MK to be mad as hell! ))

[Video 07] Meet Meta Knight!

[So, since Kirby is being Meta Knight's guide to Somarium, the next step is to teach him everything about the Dreamberry! And what better way to teach him than with a 'tutorial' video?

Naturally, the first thing that's seen on the screen is obviously, Kirby's smiley face.]

OK! Dreamberry on! Meta Knight, come here! [He sounds quite excited about that!]

[ wait, woaaaaah. hold on one second. when Meta Knight agreed to this, he assumed that this would be a simulaion, and that the Dreamberry would be off. it is most certainly not off! therefore, he is staying off screen. ]

I don't really see why it's necessary to keep the camera on for this.

[ aww, he's camera shy. ]

[Really, Meta. It doesn't count if the camera isn't on! Now, if you aren't scooting closer, Kirby will be happy to do it for you. So, he's approaching you now, if you don't mind.]

No shy Meta Knight! Everyone on Dreamberry all time! [Kirby can't see what's the big deal.]

[ uh, no. scooting backwards as he scoots closer, thank you very much. ]

It's hardly being shy. I just find it highly unnecessary for something so simple.

[ nope, he's shy. ]

[Scooting closer still. You are not running away from this.]

But Meta can meet everyone! Make things easy. [Don't you want to meet all those humans out there???]

[ no?????? why is this happening to him seriously. the feed might see the flicker of a cape, but that's about it. ]

I will meet others on my own time, when it is opportune. This is not that time, Kirby.

[ NO. ]

[No! Come back! Well, at least he stopped moving closer to you.]

Why not time? [To Kirby, all the time is meeting people time!]

[ g o o d. that means he can stay put. ]

There is no need for it right now. You called me here to tell me more about how this world works, not to mingle.

[But mingle is an important part of this world!]

Hmm... But new friends nice. [He sounds just a little bit disappointed by that.]

[ no it's not!!!! it's dumb and unnecessary!! ]

You're more than aware that our views on such things differ from one another.

[Oh, c'mon now! Don't be so stubborn.

He's grabbing you by the hand and pulling you closer, since you are always running away.]

This Kirby friend from home, Meta Knight! [Now everyone knows!]


[ and he's interrupted by that sudden jerk. why him?

fine, he'll just nod once in silence. he'll clear up that they're not exactly friends later. ]

(( ooc: I hope this is good dear XD Answers will come from both Kirby (in pink, here) and Meta Knight (in blue, here)! ))
[So, Kirby slept for a month and some days.

And booooooooy, is he starving.

Through the Dreamberry, you can see a pink ball chowing down all kinds of food from a refrigerator.

If no one stop him, he'll eat EVERYTHING.]

(( ooc: Action more than open to everyone that lives with Kirby. Which means ainoakuma, crystal_waltz, walk_in_grey and deludedinfinity =3c ))
[The feed starts and there's an... unusually gloomy Kirby on the screen. Something isn't right.]

Air feel weird. Human feel too? [He doesn't know if humans are being affected by that strange sensation.]

Rain look strange... Kirby no problem with rain... But...

[He looks out the window briefly before cutting the feed. When even Kirby seems worried, you know something bad is prone to happen.]

[Dream 02] - Alternate

Note: This probably contains spoilers for the end of Crystal Shards, after the defeat of Miracle Matter, so, yeah.
Effects: A lil' bit of panic and fear anyone?

And BOOM goes Ripple Star... (only, not really)Collapse )

[Video 04] - Too much info in one video...

[Kind of neglecting school lately - after all, it's not his fault that Somarium has so many things to do and see.

Specially now that he has a comfortable place to stay, with both Lenalee and Allen. Being cute certainly pays!

But... Remember that whole 'Wrath is a bad person and must be in jail' broadcast by the police? Well, Kirby kind of missed the memo - because he certainly couldn't care less - and, after thinking a lot about what Wrath told him, about him being similar to Zero, Kirby only got to one conclusion: that the big eyepatch guy was always sad.

And, hey! People can't be sad all the time, can they? Of course not! And, well, what always makes things better (at leas tin his case)?

Food, of course!

So, Kirby got to the kitchen of his new home and started to prepare a delicious cake. Well, two in fact. Why, yes, Kirby knows how to cook and quite well apparently, as he soon can be seen through the Dreamberry network, a large smile on his face.]

Hey, Alice, Kirby make cake! Look! [The camera moves from Kirby's face to a nearby table, where this cake can be seen.] Kirby bake for Alice!

Oh, and Somarium people see big one-eye human? Have cake too! [The camera then goes for another cake, that looks way too festive. Why, if he's going to make people happy, he needs happy looking food!

The camera returns to Kirby's smiling face. And since the pink ball can't stay focus on one thing for too long...]

Ah, and Tsuna tell Kirby Gokudera like alien! Kirby Alien!

[He's totally OK with making that clear for everyone, as if it's the most common thing ever. And then the feed ends, just like that.]

(( ooc: Lenalee and Allen are free to make action posts and whatnot =3c Also, if anyone wants to try and convince Kirby Wrath is a bad person, go ahead, but it'll be particularly hard... ))

[Video 03] - Vision of Desire

[The video feed starts off with Kirby sitting on a large, flowery field. The sky is blue, the clouds look like white cotton candy and, in front of him, there's a large tablecloth spread on the grass, with all kinds of food in it.

Clearly, a picnic.

Next to him, all kinds of creatures from Dream Land can be seen, including Kirby's animal pals and even Kibng DeDeDe. All of them eating and chatting excitedly, a light summer breeze blowing.]


[A voice calls in the distance, and Kirby turns to see a fairy almost his size waving at him, a smile on her face. She approaches him and pecks him on the side of his face, making him blush.]

Ribbon! Everyone here! Eat, eat! [He offers her a slice of chocolate cake and she accepts eagerly.]

Kirby I... I think I'm going to live here now. In Pop Star. [The fairy says, cheeks slightly rosy.

The pink ball beams at her, and for those who already saw Kirby's smiling nature, they can see that this smile has something different about it.]

Ribbon live here? YAY! [Kirby jumps at her, hugging her with clear enthusiasm, as the other creatures around the tablecloth giggle and smile. Kirby can't be happier about Ribbon moving to Dream Land, since she's such a great friend of his. and maybe even something beyond that.

And everything is in perfect peace, as it should be.]

[When the vision ends, the video starts showing Kirby's face, as he gazes into the Dreamberry with a dreamy look upon his face. He's smiling just a little, but it's clear that he's visibly static about that vision, his cheeks slightly tainted by a rosy tone.

And then the video ends.]

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